Codecademy: Completed JavaScript “Getting Started with Programming”

Yeah!!! I had completed my first course on JavaScript Programming on “Getting Started with Programming”. As you can see the picture attached, my next lesson is actually a project called FizzBuzz.

Course No. 1 Getting Started with Programming

I found that the lessons provided in the first course was easy to follow and it had a lot of exercises that assist us to understand the concept of programming in JavaScript. One thing for sure, for each lesson in the topic, we need to follow closely the exercises to avoid typo error as this had happened to me many times that I could not pass the lesson to move on to the next. But each time I persevered by checking my coding and found there were typo error in it. For example, the following if/else statement that I coded with mistake:

if (12 > 5)                                                                                                          { console.log(“I finished my first course”); }                                                                   else {console.log(“I need to study harder”);}

Merely forgetting to type the exclamation mark i.e. “I finished my first course!”, there was an error flashed out when I executed the statement.

Coding Error Message

It was a really fun and enriching experience learning the first course of JavaScript. Next is the project that I am going to commence today…..update coming soon!


Javascript Training via


Started my Javascript training via yesterday. My last post on 20 June I had found the on{x} app that Microsoft had developed for Android phone user to create events/notifications on their handphones.

So I had decided to learn Javascript in order to write codes for the on{x} app that I would like to share with other Android phone users. The codeacademy site is cool, suitable for beginners to learn Javascript. It has a suite of steps that a learner need to master and progress report is flashed out for the learner to gauge his/her progress.

Overall I had completed 2 sections out of 5 sections and progressing to Section 3. With every completion of a section, points will be awarded. Beside Javascript, that are other lessons on web building, html, CSS. Pretty awesome site for one to get free lessons.

Here my summary of my progress report and achievements as of 21 June 2012……starting my leasson again.


on{x} App for Android Phones

Read about the on{x} app that Microsoft created for android phones on Malaysian Insider website yesterday. I decided to learn more about it today and downloaded the app from google play using my android phone.

This app required you to have a facebook account to enable you to create rules to trigger events on your phone i.e. sending SMS alert to a caller when you are driving, notifying you when your phone battery is running low e.g. 15%, create reminder on specific date and time. Below I attached some screen shots on the facebook login, the dashboard of on{x} app when you have logged in. Programming wise, the script is written using Javascript code. I got some learning to do on writing the scripts, anyway I will give my best shot and create some fun scripts for myself and share with others in my blog.

on{x} app here I come…………..btw for more info. go to!landingPage