Seri Riana Residence in Wangsa Maju

On Monday, I went to the show gallery of this residential project in Wangsa Maju Section 4 to view what were being offered. The show units were already completed i.e. 2 units (1382 sq ft and 1782 sq ft respectively). This project is open for registration and had not been launched yet pending end of June 2012. I had a chat with the salesperson on the package being offered for buyers, he told me this is a DIBS scheme, free SPA and loan agreements, RM10K booking fee and the expected completed date in 2016. I looked at the sales chart which indicated all the smaller units i.e. 1382 sq ft had been booked which left those larger units still available. Very good response indeed and I guess mostly had booked the smaller units for investment purpose unless some who are attracted to the living concept of ‘live-play’ balance with evergreen view of Melawati Ridge and full condo facilities.

IJM Land website stated the minimum price of RM600k for this project and it had 2 blocks of condo with 38 floors each and 1 block of low rise condo. If you are coming from KL by Kelana Jaya LRT, you can see the land clearing just before the Sri Rampai LRT station. Is it a worthwhile investment? I am sure you would like to visit the project site and show gallery before paying your booking fee……with it excellent location near to amenities and the Sri Rampai LRT station, it would be a good choice for those that can afford the asking price. For investment purpose, it had a good chance of appreciation after completion but rental yield would not be high. The current rental for a similar size of condo i.e. 1300 plus sq ft in Desa Putra is asking for RM2,000 to RM2,500 depending on the furnishing. For own stay, one should also consider similar high end condo in Wangsa Maju/Melawati area e.g. 20 trees in Taman Melawati, 3 Residence along the MRR2 in Taman Melawati/Taman Melati.


Yes PM! More need to be done to ensure safety

The Malaysian Insider website on June 12, 2012 reported the Malaysian PM acknowledging more need to be done to ensure Malaysian feel safe from crime.

This morning my wife called me to inform that a friend of ours texted her that her house was burglarized yesterday. Fortunately no one was at home and no major loss suffered. This was the second time that her house was broken into, Exactly two weeks ago during the June school holidays, my 2 kids and I witnessed a robbery which 4 robbers with machete robbing my neighbours in broad day light. It was such a traumatic experience for 3 of us that my daughter still harbour the fear in her that she need us to accompany her even in the house.

The Home Minister commented last Sunday the general crime rate is not on the rise despite our concern on safety. The two cases mentioned above doesn’t give me any comfort that we are safe and crime rate is going down. Nowadays, we need to be vigilante at all time to avoid becoming another statistic in the crime rate.

Crime rate had gone down? Nah, I don’t think so. What say you?

Hello world!

My first blog created a few months ago. It will be a place where I share my passion in ICT, properties and my views or events happened around me.

With this blog, I aspired to share knowledge on ICT, property investments and news surrounding our daily life in KL and Malaysia.