on{x} App for Android Phones

Read about the on{x} app that Microsoft created for android phones on Malaysian Insider website yesterday. I decided to learn more about it today and downloaded the app from google play using my android phone.

This app required you to have a facebook account to enable you to create rules to trigger events on your phone i.e. sending SMS alert to a caller when you are driving, notifying you when your phone battery is running low e.g. 15%, create reminder on specific date and time. Below I attached some screen shots on the facebook login, the dashboard of on{x} app when you have logged in. Programming wise, the script is written using Javascript code. I got some learning to do on writing the scripts, anyway I will give my best shot and create some fun scripts for myself and share with others in my blog.

on{x} app here I come…………..btw for more info. go to https://www.onx.ms/#!landingPage